5 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

How do you reach customers

Attracting new customers can be a challenging endeavor for small businesses, but it doesn’t need to be. There are various cost-effective and simple-to-implement marketing strategies that can help bring in additional business.

Launch a timely photo contest or offer promotional merchandise as a way to inspire customers to spread the word and bring in friends.

Social media

Social media can be an invaluable marketing asset, particularly for e-commerce businesses. Social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer opportunities to raise brand awareness, drive traffic, close sales, interact with customers and offer discounts – all while improving the customer experience and increasing likelihood of repeat business. Many business owners overlook that these tools also serve as customer service channels; Facebook Messenger allows business owners to interact directly with customers who request discounts while answering any customer service queries directly on these channels.

Understanding your audience and their preferences is the key to reaching them effectively, which you can do by analyzing data collected through your business. With this insight in hand, targeted campaigns that reach target markets more quickly can be developed using this data. Furthermore, knowing what strategies your competitors are employing to reach their audiences will enable you to develop an approach that stands out from the competition and will ensure success for your own campaign.

Crafting shareable content is another way of reaching your audience, such as videos or blog posts that are both entertaining and educational. Doing this will also drive more traffic to your website – essential when trying to expand your business.

As a local business, try reaching out to your community by participating in events. Attending these events can help meet potential customers and build a loyal clientele base. Your social media channels can also promote these events or hold contests or giveaways that attract more followers.

Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices to ensure a positive shopping experience for customers on mobile devices. Furthermore, social media provides another great tool to reach out to a broad spectrum of potential customers.

Send emails directly to existing customers with services such as MailChimp to create emails tailored specifically to your brand and tone, including news of promotions or products coming soon that might interest them. Keeping an updated email list ensures relevant communications can reach its destination!


Email can be an extremely powerful communication tool for businesses to engage with their customers. A company can send surveys, follow-up on an abandoned cart, or even just say hi via email. Email allows companies to form long-term relationships with their customers that lead to repeat purchases as well as promote specials or new products through emails – but email should never replace face-to-face interactions!

Email marketing can also be an effective means of reaching large groups of customers with information, with emails being sent in response to specific actions or behaviors, such as signing up for a newsletter, visiting a website, or purchasing something online. Email campaigns can be segmented based on customer behavior such as purchase history or inactivity – providing more efficient campaigns that reach more individuals more effectively.

Email can also be used for automated messaging purposes, reminding customers about upcoming events, holidays promotions or deadlines that require action from them and increasing engagement with your brand. Some emails can even be set to automatically be sent after one week has gone by without opening an email from that subscriber.

Thank-you emails are another type of automated email that should be utilized. These thank-you messages can serve multiple functions; from thanking customers for their business to informing them about new product offerings or services available from your brand, these thank-you emails may include personalized discounts and free product offers that may entice recipients.

Email can also be an effective tool to gather customer feedback and reviews. Many businesses send surveys after a purchase to determine how well a service or product met customer expectations; these results can then be used to enhance quality improvements for future sales or services offered.

Email should be used responsibly, with businesses adhering to any national (or international) email regulations. Being aware of these regulations can help when using automated features; also it’s wise not to send spammy-looking emails as this could have a detrimental effect on deliverability.

Video messaging

Video messaging enables businesses to engage with customers more personally. This form of communication is more efficient than emails and can help build trust between both parties involved. Video messages also boast increased open rates and click-through rates while increasing engagement levels; but remember, their contents must meet audience needs and interests; to do this successfully it’s necessary to identify target groups before creating relevant video messages that meet those requirements.

Video messages are an ideal way to reach your target audience and can serve both customer service and marketing goals. Video recordings take no more than 30-60 seconds per recording session and allow viewers to engage with your business in real-time; you can record one with any device–from cell phones or webcams–and should last between 30-3-5 minutes. Video also works great as interviews, announcements, events and office tours! Rigid scripting hinders authenticity and makes the videos less engaging – avoid using rigid formats whenever possible to ensure best results!

Bonjoro provides an easy-to-use video creator, enabling businesses to produce personalized videos tailored specifically for social media or email that increase engagement and click-through rates. A customized message from your business to each recipient and even as an answer for existing customers could all be included within a video message from Bonjoro.

Video can be utilized at the top of the funnel as part of a conversion strategy to shorten sales cycles by encouraging prospects to act more quickly and think less about making decisions. These videos typically address customer issues while providing details about how the company’s product or service can solve them; these should end by leaving viewers wanting more and featuring a call-to-action encouraging them to reach out for additional information from them.

Personal touch

Personal touches are a way of communicating directly with customers or potential clients in one-on-one interactions, whether in-person, via telephone calls, emails or thoughtful gifts; it could even include handwritten notes! A personal touch is an effective marketing technique which builds relationships and loyalty while differentiating a company from competitors; small businesses should remember adding these touches because it can improve customer experiences while increasing sales.

Personalizing your marketing strategy is simple and can help set your company apart from its competition. Start by identifying your target audience and their interests; use online tools such as Google Analytics to do this and find out what type of content resonates most with them relating back to your business.

Another great way to give your customers an added touch is through creating a newsletter. A newsletter can provide an engaging and entertaining way of reaching out and connecting with them; share recipes or beauty advice specific to your business – creating high-quality content is one of the key ways of drawing in new customers!

Businesses using tailored outreach can find it particularly effective when trying to reach customers who may not use digital marketing. For instance, some consumers may feel uncomfortable engaging with companies without live chat support; therefore, businesses should provide multiple channels for communicating with their customers.

Businesses should offer more than live support; they should also offer updates on order status and delivery timelines to give customers confidence in their purchases and strengthen customer engagement with the business. Thanking customers for making purchases shows they care about making them happy, as it shows your care about customer happiness and wants them to be satisfied customers.

Sending personalized gift cards during holidays and birthdays is another effective way of creating a more individualized customer experience, and makes customers feel valued while encouraging repeat business and referrals.