How Can I Check the Traffic on a Website?

How can I check the traffic on a website

You’ve created a website or blog, and you want to know how much traffic it’s getting. There are a number of tools out there that can help you out. But do you know which ones to use?


If you want to check the traffic on a website, UberSuggest is a great tool. It’s easy to use, and it’s packed with SEO features. With the free plan, you can get three free searches each day. However, if you need to monitor the traffic on your site, you’ll need to subscribe to a premium plan.

The first step is to enter your website’s URL. Once you do, you’ll receive data on backlinks, on-page SEO, and organic traffic. You’ll also find statistics on keywords, competition, and domain authority.

Another good feature of the Ubersuggest platform is its ability to connect to Google Search Console. This allows you to view SEO progress on a daily, monthly, or custom date range. And you can export data to CSV. Depending on the size of your website, it takes a few minutes to run an audit.

Other useful features include the keyword breakdown, on-page SEO score, and backlink data. In addition, Ubersuggest has a Traffic Analyzer feature. Using this feature, you’ll see a detailed breakdown of the number of pages, backlinks, keywords, and traffic on your competitor’s website.

If you’re looking to increase traffic, it’s a good idea to know what your competitors are doing. Using the Traffic Analyzer feature, you’ll be able to see which pages are getting the most traffic and how their content is performing.

Moreover, you’ll be able to see the organic traffic you’re ranking for, the number of backlinks your page has, and the estimated traffic value. All these are important to your SEO strategy.

As an SEO tool, Ubersuggest can help you find the right keywords, create a successful content strategy, and learn more about your audience. It’s easy to use, and you can take advantage of its free tier.

But if you’re planning on using Ubersuggest as your main tool for tracking your site’s SEO, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan. For instance, the Individual plan costs $12 per month, while the Business plan is $20. Plus, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, Ubersuggest is an excellent tool for marketers who are just starting out in SEO. But if you’re running a large website, you may not be able to make the most of it.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking your website’s traffic. With this tool, you can check whether the traffic is flowing, what pages are visited, and what content is viewed. It also offers an easy way to compare data from various events throughout the year.

To check your website’s traffic, you first need to set up an account. After registering, you’ll need to select a tracking code. The code will be set to the same cookie that your main site uses.

Once you’ve set up your Google Analytics account, you’ll be able to view all your traffic statistics in one location. This includes the number of page views, the average session duration, and the number of referrals.

One of the best parts about using Google Analytics is that it’s completely free. Besides, you’ll get real-time website traffic data. You can use the statistics to see how your traffic is growing, as well as to see where problems might arise.

In fact, you can even link your Google Analytics account to other Google platforms like Search Console and AdWords. If you are a webmaster, you can use your account to check the traffic on your ad campaigns. There’s a lot to learn about how to use Google Analytics.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, though. For example, you can track your online store’s traffic based on product attributes. Also, you can set up custom reports to measure metrics that aren’t in the standard reporting scheme.

A better way to measure the effectiveness of your Google Analytics is to check out the Channels section. Here, you can track the user’s journey from search to purchase. You can also see which keywords perform best for your target audience.

Lastly, you can use the device break down report to determine what devices your visitors are using to view your site. Of course, you can also use this to determine which pages your visitors are consuming the most.

While it’s no secret that Google Analytics is a powerful tool, it doesn’t take a tech-savvy user to figure out how to use it effectively.


If you’re curious about your website traffic, you may want to check out SimilarWeb. This site provides a number of tools that can help you figure out what’s going on with your site and how to better interact with your audience.

For one, SimilarWeb has a Traffic Sources table. This page shows the top sources of traffic for your site, as well as how much of it comes from each source. It also breaks down the most popular sources by category.

The company offers a free plan. However, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan if you’re interested in getting a more detailed view of your data. You can also get an extension for Chrome or Firefox. These extensions will provide other useful insights.

For example, SimilarWeb’s Search section is a good example of the company’s competition tracking and industry analysis. There you can see your top 5 search keywords and the percentage of traffic that comes from each.

Those looking for more granular data can install the SimilarWeb TrafficMeter browser extension, which will provide objective data about your traffic. In addition, you can get access to a special adult websites API.

Other interesting features include the Market Explorer, which evaluates the growth and performance of your market. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your data, check out the SimilarWeb Pro version, which has a few other perks.

For instance, it will show you the most popular destination sites for your competitors’ visitors. By looking at these sites, you can better understand the nature of your visitors’ interests and decide which ones are worth targeting.

While SimilarWeb does offer a free version, you’ll need to sign up for a premium account if you want more features. You can also use the SimilarWeb API to get more details.

Overall, SimilarWeb is a useful tool for marketers and site owners to find out what their audiences are looking for. Using this tool, you can learn about your competitors, improve your website’s performance and connect with your audience. It’s a great tool to use for content marketing and SEO, and the free version is a good place to start.


If you’re looking for a way to check the traffic on a website, you should look into Ahrefs. They provide a lot of data about backlinks, keywords, and other SEO factors, and can help you optimize your site for search engines.

In addition to providing an extensive backlink analysis, Ahrefs can also help you determine which websites are bringing you the most traffic. This is particularly helpful if you’re trying to rank for a particular search term.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer can show you organic and paid traffic trends on a global scale. You can also find out the number of referring domains, referring pages, and subfolders.

Ahrefs’ backlink profile can tell you if any of your links are broken. Broken links can affect your rankings, so you’ll want to check them to ensure you’re not getting penalized. It’s also a good idea to look at the anchor text for your referring websites. If they’re distributing their links with inappropriate anchor texts, you might need to update them.

Another good Ahrefs feature is their keyword explorer. They can tell you what keywords are generating the most traffic for your competitors. Also, they can give you ideas about what kinds of content your competitors are publishing. Basically, this can be a great way to get inspiration for new content.

Another great Ahrefs tool is the Site Audit. It will analyze your website, identify any possible SEO problems, and give you a health report. The audit can be performed on any platform.

Although the information provided by Ahrefs can be very useful, it can also be inaccurate. For example, the traffic estimate for a particular website might be off by quite a bit.

Luckily, Ahrefs is constantly updating their links database and link index. Eventually, it’s likely that the information you receive will be accurate. And if not, they have plenty of resources to help you fix the problem.

Ultimately, Ahrefs is a good tool to use, but you’ll need to know a bit about SEO. But if you are prepared to spend some time learning the ins and outs of search marketing, you’ll find that Ahrefs can really transform your business.