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The package includes 10 basic packages to promote 10 links + 10 keywords from your site. If your site has more than 10 links, please contact me I will create a special offer for you


BEST SEO STRATEGY (must buy every month)
Make sure you will make SEO campaigns (build backlinks) to each of your important website’s pages or categories, never build backlinks only to the homepage or only to a couple of pages from your site, that will look “not naturally” in “google eyes”. It is important to run campaigns for every important page from the site, make sure the targeted keywords exist on the pages. (more info here)

+ 3 Basic Package to home page
+ 7 Basic Package to each important website’s pages or category
For example, your site has home page + 7 categories page = TOTAL COST $100, (3 packages to home page + 7 packages to every category).

– For for 1 URL & 1 Keyword
– Average 150 (T1 Powerful Backlinks)
– Average 3000 (T2, T3, T4 Powerful Backlinks)
– Backlinks from Blogs Post with High DA/PA themed for your niche

– Search Engine Traffic for your Home URL (more info below)
– Social Likes and Shares for your Home URL (twitter likes & shares)
– Real Views and Likes for your youtube videos (if you promote video URL)



  • The first thing I do is take your keyword and use it to scrape the freshest relevant content from the search engine.
  • Now I scrape 100 niche relevant images and 100 niche relevant videos. I check the image URLs to make sure they are life.
  • Now I spin the keyword into the Image Alt Tags and Video Alt Tags.
  • Now I spin into the content your keyword.
  • Now I create the H1, H2, H3 titles tags with the keyword.
  • Now I spin all that into the fresh relevant content and create nested spintax.  Result perfectly optimized content for that keyword ready to be posted on blogs.
  • Now I submit that perfectly optimized content to my High DA/PR Blogs themed for your niche. When I do this I am using the keyword you provide. I am also using 95% generic anchor text so this makes it perfectly safe to link out to your money URL like your home page or inner page. These PBN’s are made up of high quality, aged domains, that are socially connected and backlinked, and have a large geographical spread for IP diversity.
  • I structure the Blogs Posts in such a way so that there are 4 tiers. Tier 4 linking to Tier 3 and Tier 3 links to Tier 2 and Tier 2 links to Tier 1 and Tier 1 linking out to your URL. There are approximately 150 Tier 1 links. But the overall campaign will be over 3000 Blogs Posts.
  • In each of these Tiers, I am using all the fresh unique structured, and optimized content. No post is the same. Every post is unique with 100 spun life and niche relevant images, 100 niche relevant videos.
  • I then take all the links and have them crawled using a private and proprietary process which results in higher indexing rates compared to other indexing systems.
  • I then add everything into an excel file and send this to you.



  • You will recive 50-200 visits daily for 1 month
  • This traffic helps your website to get an important extra boost in rankings.
  • The traffic is high-quality from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and direct traffic.
  • The traffic also helps in decreasing the bounce rate of your websites, because will visit your website for 8-12 minutes per visit and it visits 3-4 pages minimum.
  • The traffic is real human activities (behaviors) on the site like scrolling the page, moving the mouse over the text (also selecting random text sections), clicking on up to 3-4 internal links.
  • The traffic is 100% safe for AdSense sites also.
  • Traffic from windows, mac operation systems, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, mobile browsers, and over 50 mobile devices (including tablets), all devices resolutions.
  • Traffic is 100% human traffic, very high-quality, which is a ranking factor and provides extra boosting in rankings.
  • I want to also mention that the traffic came from real visitors, no proxy only real ips.
  • You will gett traffic for your home URL, for all keywords from this order
  • You will not receive custom URL tracking (you can see in your site statistic script), do not to confuse this traffic with the one offered in the Web Traffic packages that i sell separately, this traffic is specially attracted to your site in order to improve the site in SEO
  • This package is free if you buy backlinks for the whole site



  • I have the very largest blog network themed for the niche (about 500.000 blogs from 1000 categories-niche), and it continues to grow.  These PBN’s are made up of high quality, aged domains, that are socially connected and backlinked, and have a large geographical spread for IP diversity.
  • My goal is to rank you high. This system has been developed over years and has proven to be very successful resulting in many repeat customers.
  • You have a Very Good Chance of Ranking in a manner that search engines love, which goes beyond all the search engine updates so far…
  • Having said that I am not selling you a promise to rank you. I am selling you a process. It is up to you to decide if this process is logical and makes sense. You may need several packages to get the desired result.



How long does it take to start working on my order?
Usually within a few hours, sometimes it lasts up to 48 hours.

How many sites can I promote on a single order?
Just one site with all its internal urls, if you want more sites, place a separate order.

Could this service negatively impact my website in any way?
No, there is absolutely no way this service could negatively impact your website. On the contrary, the main purpose of this service is to improve your website search engine optimization and overall exposure.

– Don’t forget to read reviews provided by users in the past…


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