I will find potential customers for you by niche

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Original price was: $300.Current price is: $250.

This price is for the basic package that lasts 1 full month.
Do you want more potential customers?
Then you can buy several packages at the same time …


  • I will search on the internet for sites with your field of activity by keywords,
  • I will leave a comment in english on that page of the site, in this way your message will be seen by the site administrator but also by the visitors of that page in your field of activity.
  • Or if you have a proposal for site administrators, I can send your message in english on the contact page of that site, this way the message will be seen only by the site administrator.
  • This way you will receive visits on your link from potential and highly targeted customers.
  • I will search for sites and send your message daily for a month.



Can you target a specific Country/Region?
I will search with, we will not use google from specific countries.
This means that visitors will be predominant from USA/UK/CA/AU/EU

How many visits will I receive?
I don’t know how many visits you will receive, but I assure you that the visits received are potential clients for you, the quality of the visits is important, not the quantity. Don’t expect many visits but they are very focused on really interesting people.

How long do my promotions last?
The standard time assigned for this task is 1 full month, but it differs from one promotion to another depending on your field of activity in which you promote, if it is very small or small it may not last 1 month because you will not find sites every day for you.

This method is spam?
Don’t worry, we only contact with a simple message and we ask their permission, we only contact the administrators and users of sites that have the same content on the page with your message. If a site has a contact page it means that it uses it to be contacted what we do.

You guarantee these results?
No one can guarantee this, because there are many factors that influence the result, but most customers are very satisfied and come back every month to buy again.

I am not selling you a promise. I am selling you a process. It is up to you to decide if this process is logical and makes sense. You may need several packages to get the desired result.

This is a very good method?
I want to assure you that this is a very good method by which you can find (potential customers), this does not mean that they will necessarily buy from you, there are many factors that can convince visitors to buy or not to buy.

I want you to understand that we have hundreds of customers who use this service like you and some have very good sales for this reason they come back and buy every month, but there are other customers who have no sales at all.

The success rate depends on what you sell, what you offer, and how good and convincing your message is to potential buyers.

I personally use this method to find my clients and I want to let you know that I have found many former clients like this.

Thank you for your understanding and I advise you to be patient, the results appear after several days not immediately.

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