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These SEO backlink services are designed to provide your target URL with an average of 1200 niche-relevant high-quality dofollow SEO backlinks with high domain authority (DA-30 to DA-55), PA, TF, and CF. These backlinks have 10% of your keywords for anchor text and 90% generic anchor text (such as “Click Here” or “Visit this Site”), making them safe to link to your URL. You can use this service to link to your home page, inner pages, category pages, or product pages if you have an e-commerce site, Google My Business URL, or YouTube URL that needs more relevance and authority.

IMPORTANT: Before starting, make sure to read and follow the steps in the guide: Seo Tips & Tricks to ensure the best results. Keep in mind that it may take several months to see the desired results.

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✪ What Will You Get When You Purchase This Service?

  • Tier linking structure (Tier 3 links to Tier 2, links to Tier 1)
  • The content of the posts contains AI articles of about 1000 words.
  • Tier 1: average of 1200 backlinks (DA-30 to DA-55) they are direct likes to your website.
  • Backlinks from Web blogs 2.0 post (average of 200)
  • Backlinks from Wiki articles (average of 100)
  • Backlinks from Web 2.0 Profiles (average of 300)
  • Backlinks from Social Bookmarking (average of 400)
  • Backlinks from Web Directories (average of 200)
  • Backlinks with 10% of your keywords for anchor text and 90% generic anchor text (e.g. “Click here,” “Visit this site,” etc.)
  • T2, T3: average of 7000 backlinks , this increases the power of Tier 1
  • Backlinks from Web blogs 2.0 post
  • Backlinks from Web blogs 2.0 profiles
  • Backlinks from Wiki articles
  • Backlinks from Social Bookmarking sites post
  • Backlinks from Web Directories Backlinks
  • Backlinks with 10% of your keywords for anchor text and 90% generic anchor text (e.g. “Click here,” “Visit this site,” etc.)
  • Social likes and shares for all T1, T2, T3 links (social signals for faster indexing)
  • We accept only 1 URL and 1 keyword per package
  • Delivery time is about 7 days


  • You can improve your website’s ranking on Google using your site URL (provide us with your URL and keyword)
  • You can improve your video’s ranking on YouTube and Google using your video URL (provide us with your YouTube video URL and keyword, and we will use the YouTube long URL, YouTube share URL, and video embedded on all blog posts)
  • You can improve your Google Maps listing using your GMB URL (provide us with your GMB URL and keyword, and we will use your website URL, GMB share link, CID link, and GMB embedded on all blog posts)
  • You can improve the ranking of your images on Google Images (provide us with your image URL and keyword)


  • Using advanced AI and the “Article Forge” tool, I scrape fresh and relevant content from search engines using a specific keyword. The resulting article is about 1000 words long and can be written in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, or Dutch.
  • I also scrape 100 niche-relevant images and 100 niche-relevant videos (you can provide up to 100 image or video links in the Order Notes, related to the link and keyword you are promoting).
  • I add the keyword to the image alt tags and the content of the article.
  • I create H1, H2, and H3 title tags using the keyword.
  • Using spintax, I generate fresh and relevant content variations for the specific keyword. These variations are nested, resulting in optimized content that is ready to be posted on high-quality, aged domains with social connections and backlinks. These domains have a large geographical spread, providing IP diversity.
  • The Blog Posts are structured into three tiers. Tier 3 links to Tier 2, Tier 2 links to Tier 1, and Tier 1 links to your URL. The Basic Package includes approximately 8000 links, including Web Blogs 2.0 Post, Web Blogs 2.0 Profiles, Wiki Articles, Social Bookmarking Sites Post, Web Directories Backlinks, Social Likes & Shares. Please see the image above for more details.
  • I use the keywords you provided as anchor text in Tiers 1, 2, and 3 (10% of your keywords as anchor text and 90% as generic anchor text). Each post is unique and includes your URL, 2-3 niche-relevant images, and 1 niche-relevant video.
  • I crawl all of the links using a proprietary process, resulting in higher indexing rates compared to other indexing systems.

Promoting a site with backlinks is a long process, respectively 3-6 months or even more if the site is in a niche with high competition.
After the backlink promotion process has started, the site starts to move in the Google position, it fluctuates in several positions but slowly it starts to go up in the Google position, advancing more and more towards the page & position 1 in Google.
So, it is not enough to buy just a few backlinks and your site will go up on its own.
The strategy is to buy monthly backlinks according to an established plan and the site will go up in Google searches, after which you have reached the position you want in Google, you have to keep going to bring backlinks but with a smaller quantity.
In conclusion, in the beginning, you have to buy as many backlinks as possible, until you reach the desired result.



What are Domain Authority and Page Authority?

  • The pages from which you will receive links are of good quality with a PA score starting from 35, and as Google sees the links we have created to strengthen their power, the PA will increase up to 55 or even more.


  • Usually within a few hours, sometimes it lasts up to 48 hours.
  • If you buy only one basic package I will deliver in about 7 days.
  • If you buy more than 1 basic package, I will deliver in more days (depends on how many packages you bought), to protect your site from receiving a large number of links in a small number of days.


  • You can only promote one website, including all of its internal URLs, per order. If you wish to promote additional websites, you will need to place separate orders for each one.



EXAMPLE YOUTUBE URL (if you want to promote your video on youtube)


EXAMPLE GOOGLE MY BUSINESS (GMB) URL (if you want to promote your google maps on google)

  • GMB LINK: “’s/@56.2339042,-120.7680162,6z/data=!4m9!1m2!2m1!1smcdonalds!3m5!1s0x539645636dfdf615:0x8bc3d2f67586a176!8m2!3d56.2339004!4d-117.3364624!15sCgltY2RvbmFsZHMiA4gBAVoWCgltY2RvbmFsZHMiCW1jZG9uYWxkc5IBFGZhc3RfZm9vZF9yZXN0YXVyYW50
  • GMB EMBEDDED: GMB backlinks

EXAMPLE FOR IMAGES URL (if you want to promote your images on google images)

  • POST URL: “”


  • I have the largest blog network in the niche (millions of blogs covering thousands of niches), and it continues to grow.
  • These PBNs consist of high-quality, aged domains that are socially connected and backlinked, and have a wide geographical spread for IP diversity.


  • No one can guarantee specific results, as there are many factors that influence ranking. However, most customers are very satisfied and return to purchase again.
  • My goal is to improve your website’s search engine optimization and overall exposure. My system has been developed over years and has proven to be very successful, resulting in many repeat customers. There is a good chance of ranking in a way that search engines love, which goes beyond all the search engine updates so far.
  • I am not selling you a promise to rank you. I am selling you a process. It is up to you to decide if this process makes sense and is logical. You can test the quality of my services with a small package first, and then purchase additional packages for a few months to achieve your desired result.


  • No, this service cannot negatively impact your website.
  • On the contrary, the main purpose of this service is to improve your website’s search engine optimization and overall exposure.
  • However, the activity of your site in search engines is not affected by this service. It does not guarantee that your site will go up or down in the search engine results, as it depends on many other factors in your site.
  • These days, even though Google reports some backlinks as having a higher spam score or being toxic, they do not affect your site in any way because Google simply ignores them. Therefore, they do not add to or subtract from your site’s rank score. The important thing is to bring as many backlinks as possible to your website that are considered valid.
  • By purchasing this service, you acknowledge that there are risks and we cannot be held responsible for any harm that may occur to your site. It is your responsibility to apply these services correctly and ensure that your site complies with the SEO terms and steps required by search engines.


  • It is your responsibility to provide correctly optimized links and keywords.
  • I assume that if you purchase this service, you already know what this entails. Additionally, I offer a complete SEO guide that explains how to make the right choice. Seo Tips & Tricks
  • It is your responsibility to provide a correctly optimized URL and the correct keywords. I can only work with what I am given from you.


What are Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks, also known as “inbound links” or “incoming links,” are links from one website to another. These links play a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO) and can greatly impact a website’s search engine ranking.

How do Backlinks Impact SEO Ranking?

Search engines, such as Google, use algorithms to crawl and index the web. These algorithms take into account various factors to determine a website’s ranking, including the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to the website. The more high-quality backlinks a website has, the higher it is likely to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Backlinks serve as a “vote of confidence” for search engines, indicating that other websites consider the content on your site to be valuable and relevant. The higher the authority of the linking website, the more weight that link is given by search engines.

What are the Best Practices for Acquiring Backlinks?

There are several ways to acquire backlinks, but not all methods are considered best practices. Some of the most effective ways to acquire backlinks include:

Creating high-quality, original content that others will naturally want to link to
Reaching out to other website owners and asking for a link
Guest posting on relevant websites and including a link back to your site in the author bio
Participating in online communities and forums related to your niche, and including a link to your site in your forum signature
It’s important to note that search engines have become increasingly sophisticated and can detect low-quality or spammy backlinks. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant websites.

Are All Backlinks Equal in Terms of SEO Value?

No, all backlinks are not equal in terms of SEO value. The quality of a backlink is determined by various factors, including the relevance and authority of the linking website. A backlink from a high-authority website, such as a major news outlet or a well-established industry blog, is considered much more valuable than a backlink from a low-authority website.

Additionally, the context of the link also matters. A backlink within the main body of a piece of content is considered more valuable than a link in the footer or sidebar of a website.

How Can You Monitor the Number and Quality of Your Backlinks?

There are several tools available to help you monitor the number and quality of your backlinks, including:

Google Search Console: This free tool from Google provides information on the number of backlinks pointing to your website, as well as the websites linking to your site.
Ahrefs: This paid tool provides comprehensive information on the number and quality of backlinks to your website, as well as the websites linking to your site.
Moz: This paid tool offers a variety of SEO tools, including the ability to monitor and analyze the quality of your backlinks.
By monitoring your backlinks, you can stay on top of any potential issues, such as low-quality or spammy links, and take action to address them. Additionally, monitoring your backlinks can also help you identify opportunities for acquiring high-quality backlinks.

In conclusion, backlinks are a crucial aspect of SEO and can greatly impact a website’s search engine ranking. To achieve the best results, it’s important to focus on acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable

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