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  1. It is very important to make sure every URL from your site you ranking has a good on-page SEO score on http://verifyseo.com
  2. Make sure you check your site for duplicate content using the “copyscape.com” site.
  3. If the niche is high, it is important to make 1-2 more pages to the site that are targeting the same keyword,
    and run campaigns to all those pages, from those extra pages, add one internal link to the home page,
    so the power from those pages will be sent to the home page, this will increase the ranking speed a lot.
  4. If the niche is very high there is one more secret used by SEO experts,
    you can take old “Tier1” URLs made by previous campaigns and power them up with campaigns,
    this process is named “powering up tier 1” and it provides extra power to previous links made by previous campaigns.


  1. First rule before starting to make seo to your site it is : “MAKE SURE YOUR SITE HAVE NO DUPLICATE CONTENT”,
    the duplicate content is the content that is copied from other sites, google have an algorithm named
    “Panda” and this algorithm is designed to detect all sites that use copied content and will apply a penalization
    that in most of cases will affect 70-99% of website rankings, o this is one of the most important reasons
    why an website will not rank well, more duplicate content into the site means a bigger penalization,
    a bigger penalization means the change to rank for your keywords on google is very limited.
    So Guys, make sure you check your site for duplicate content using the “copyscape.com” site.
  2. Make sure you will make seo campaigns (build backlinks) to each of your websites pages,
    never build backlinks only to homepage or only to a couple of pages from your site,
    that will look “not naturally” in “google eyes”.
    It is important to run campaigns for every important page from the site
    (make sure the targeted keywords exist on the pages)
  3. Let’s say you start to make a seo campaign for the keywords “dog food”,
    double check that your page is containing the keyword “dog food” in the title of the page and to h1,
    here is an example of an good title “Dog Food for your lovely dog”
    (the keyword should exist in the title sentence), and of course double check that
    the keyword “dog food” will exist to the content page 1-2 times,
    and make sure it will not exist too many times per page like 6 – 10+ times,
    that will be considered “not naturally” and some penalization will appear if the keyword is used too much
    into the page content, (each page content to be minimum 200 words and recommended 700-900 words if possible or more),
    more content per page will always help in ranking.
  4. Make sure you will build backlinks for your site only from high DA sites with 30+
    most of sites that were using many low quality links are not ranking on google anymore,
    so there are no reasons to make low quality links anymore. (DO NOT WORRY We build links only from sites with DA & PA 30+)

– never use duplicate content,
– build backlinks to all your pages from the site,
– don’t forget to use the keyword to the title and h1 of the page and 1-2 times into the page content.