How can I create backlinks for free?

If you’ve ever wondered “How can I create backlinks for free?” you’ve come to the right place. There are numerous places to post your content for free, and they all help to increase the number of visitors to your website. But how can you make the most of these opportunities? This article explains each option in more detail. You can also use popular social media sites such as Blogger, SlideShare, Quora, and Unlinked brand mentions.


If you want to learn how to create backlinks for free on Blogger, read on to learn about some techniques. You must have great content, which is better than your competition’s. You should use high-quality images, write a lot of words, and have a focused title tag. If you follow these tips, your blog can be popular in no time. You can also use the backlink checker to discover new sites and establish valuable cooperation.

You can create backlinks by sharing your blog posts with other websites. Sharing your blog posts will allow you to create more backlinks quickly. While exchanging links is not a good idea – Google frowns upon it – try to be subtle. Don’t try to exploit the vulnerability of others. Just share your posts with relevant sites and you’ll enjoy backlinks within a couple of days.

Commenting on other websites and blogs is another way to create backlinks for free on Blogger. The link you leave is a no-follow backlink, so it will increase the traffic to your blog. Also, comment on related blogs and websites, which will also benefit your blog. If you don’t have time to comment on other websites, you can also use social media to create backlinks. Just make sure that you do not spam any of the sites because Google doesn’t like it when its members do.


If you want to generate real-time traffic to your website, you can use Slideshare to share your content. As the website is centralized, it helps your domain increase its domain authority. To get the most from Slideshare, upload your content to public profiles. Try to optimize your slideshows for your keywords to attract more viewers. Also, try to use Slideshare to promote your offers on CheaperSeeker, which allows you to share coupons online. Each coupon contains a link to your website.

Aside from being a high-quality social media site, SlideShare offers an opportunity to rank your content in search engines. As a B2B marketer, SlideShare offers immense benefits, including the opportunity to connect with relevant audiences. The key to maximizing your exposure is to create an effective presentation that has a strong visual impact. Hence, you should try to create an eye-catching starting slide.

One overlooked aspect of SlideShare is the power of presentation embedding. When embedded on another website, the presentation will generate backlinks and organic traffic. The more people embed your presentation, the better your exposure and organic search will become. Furthermore, you’ll be surprised to know that 59% of the presentations on SlideShare originated from foreign domains. That’s a huge amount of exposure and backlinks, and the more people embed your presentation, the more likely they are to link to your site.


One of the best ways to gain backlinks for free on Quora is by writing in-depth responses to the questions you find. This way, you will add more value to the brand and also encourage people to click on the backlinks that you provide in your answers. However, you should take time in identifying the right questions to answer. Quality content is what will get you selected as the best answer.

Creating backlinks for free on Quora is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to post quality answers and make sure your content is informative and helpful. Although the backlinks on Quora are no-follow, they can work wonders for your website. When people perform a search on the subject, your website link will be displayed. When this happens, you will see an increase in referral traffic and improve your website’s rankings in search engines.

Once your answers are approved, you can share them with others. Using Quora Spaces to share your answers on other users’ posts will help increase your brand awareness and organic traffic. Additionally, Quora helps you build more backlinks and domain authority by placing your content on other blogs and websites. This way, you can get a higher PA and DA. These are important metrics to increase your SEO performance.

Unlinked brand mentions

Unlinked brand mentions are excellent opportunities to build a larger following and gain more traffic. You can track popular content using a tool like BuzzSumo to find unlinked mentions of your brand. These mentions will be valuable links to your website. In addition to creating backlinks, they can also help you build your SEO authority. By leveraging unlinked brand mentions, you can improve your visibility in Google searches and increase your organic traffic.

Search for your brand name in search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. Look for mentions mentioning your brand, and include your brand’s name. You can use an employee’s name as an authoritative source. You should be able to find many mentions if they are quoted frequently and are an authority on their topic. Using a keyword tool like Google Alerts to track these mentions will help you increase the number of branded links you receive.

To find unlinked brand mentions, use a search tool like MOZ. These unlinked mentions are valuable for SEO and PR. Then, contact the author of the content to request a link. If you can contact the author within hours, they will be more likely to add your link if you reach them soon after publishing the post. When you do, you will build a relationship with the author and help your reputation.

Document sharing sites

Document sharing sites are great for creating backlinks. These sites can provide your website with a large number of backlinks and a large amount of traffic. If you’re a webmaster, this is a great way to increase your page rank and website traffic. Listed below are 3 of the top document-sharing sites that you should join. Read on to find out how to use these sites to generate backlinks and huge amounts of traffic.

High-quality backlinks help improve your search engine ranking. In fact, SEO professionals emphasize the importance of backlinks to improve your site’s ranking. Some of the most common techniques for creating backlinks are social media sharing, press release submission sites, bookmarking sites, and web 2.0 sites. Document-sharing sites are also easy to use and offer a high number of opportunities to create backlinks.

Another great way to build backlinks is to post documents on document-sharing websites. There are plenty of such websites that don’t require much work. Document sharing is a popular technique for distributing demonstrations and content. This tactic is a quick, free way to build quality backlinks. These websites can generate a large amount of traffic and will help you improve your search engine ranking.

Blog publishing platform

When creating your blog, consider creating internal links. Internal links can be created by linking different pages within your site. Make sure to use appropriate anchor text to create a high-quality link structure. Internal linking will improve the user experience by making it easier to explore different web pages and navigate from one landing page to another. By consistently maintaining a high-quality internal linking structure, you’ll attract more backlinks from other sites.

The downside to free blogs is that they’re often hosted on the domain name of your main website. This can be a problem if the main site administrator closes it down without warning. If you’re trying to create backlinks to your main site, you may want to opt for a paid blogging platform instead. These often have built-in audiences and curated content, but they are no-follow. Another option is to create a blog on a free blogging platform, such as Blogger.

Buy Backlinks are like votes of confidence for your blog. They will boost your SEO score by helping your content get noticed by the right audience. Having quality backlinks on your site is vital for your brand authority. A quality backlink will suggest your website to readers and lead them to more interesting content on your blog. For instance, you can provide a widget on your website with related information. This will encourage your visitors to click through your website and spend more time reading the content.