Top 5 Places to Sell Backlinks

where to sell backlinks

If you want to earn money through backlinks, you should consider starting your own backlink selling business. There are many people who are looking for backlinks and can’t build them themselves. If you have the time and know-how, you should definitely start your own backlink selling business.


The BHW marketplace is an excellent place to buy backlinks for your website. In addition, you can use the service for other internet marketing methods. For example, you can use BHW for selling article directories. However, you need to have some basic SEO knowledge to sell PBNs.


Bluehost is a popular web hosting service that offers many features to its users, including 24/7 support, a searchable knowledge base, and how-to articles. The company also offers free advertising through Google AdWords and Bing. If you’re new to paid marketing, these promotions will allow you to test the waters without risking your money.

Backlinks are crucial to website owners. There are many ways to acquire these links, including donating to high-DA websites. One of the easiest and most popular is through logo placement. CMS Made Simple, for example, offers their logo with a link on their website. It costs $349 per year for a logo placement, but it’s a small price to pay for quality backlinks.

The company also offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Moreover, it filters its results based on Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Outbound Link Ratio. It also checks the websites on which the links will live. The company also offers unique c-class IPs, which will help keep the links active. This is an important feature since Google doesn’t like links coming from different IPs.

Having the right anchor text is crucial for improving a website’s rankings. By purchasing backlinks with the correct anchor text, a website can climb the rankings in a matter of days. This is the best way to buy quality backlinks, and if you’re looking for a quick way to increase your traffic, hiring a company to handle the job is probably your best bet.


If you are looking for cheap backlinks, BlackHatLinks is the place to go. It offers a wide range of affordable services, including website submission, blog commenting, and article submission. The service is owned by Matt Diggity, an SEO and digital marketer who has built a reputation as a trusted resource. These services are great for building an SEO foundation, and you should consider using them.

The process of buying backlinks is not difficult and the results can be amazing. However, if you want to avoid getting a Google penalty, you must make sure that the link is legitimate. There are plenty of people who buy backlinks for their websites and are happy with the results. This process is called black hat, but it is a common practice.

BlackHatLinks sells backlinks in bulk packages. You can buy fifty or two hundred Do-follow links, depending on your requirements. After purchasing, you will be assigned a specific date for the creation of the links. This can either be manually completed or automated.

You can also buy links from websites with high PR and quality. You can get cheap backlinks or expensive links, and choose between temporary and permanent backlinks. To purchase, you must add money to your account and pay monthly fees. Then, you can email the company and ask for the links that you need.

Private blog networks

A private blog network (PBN) is a database of blogs that sell backlinks to other websites. These links improve a website’s domain authority, SEO, and rankings. However, PBNs are expensive and require careful planning. A PBN is not an option for all businesses.

In the past, private blog networks were used to increase the SEO of another website. They were used to trick Google’s algorithm into ranking the owner’s main site higher. The websites in private blog networks were usually inactive and of low quality. This is done by building them on expired domains with excellent backlink profiles and passing on the link equity to the owner’s main site.

Although the practice of linking between properties is acceptable, using ‘optimized’ anchor text is not. Private blog networks can be penalized for not having quality content and can cause their website to suffer. Moreover, these networks can lead to manual penalties – notification to Google Search Console – which can cost businesses money and time.

While PBNs may be useful in certain circumstances, using them is against Google’s guidelines. If your website is caught participating in a PBN, your rankings will drop dramatically and you will be penalized.

Niche edits

When you’re selling backlinks, you need to make sure that you’re using a quality niche edit service. You want to avoid low-quality services, as they can get you in trouble with the search engines. A great niche edit service will provide relevant links that are contextually relevant.

A niche edit service is a great option if you don’t want to write blog posts yourself. This service will save you the hassle of writing a guest post and waiting for the blogger to post it. These companies can add your link within a day. Some bloggers do not charge much for their services, so you can get a high-quality link for a low price.

Niche edits are a great way to increase the ranking of your site. Since these sites are not considered free content, website owners are more likely to add your link to an existing article. Search engines view backlinks as votes, so the more votes you have the better. Niche edits can also increase your website’s authority.

If you’re looking for a quick way to get free backlinks, a niche edit service is a great option. These services can provide you with diverse and original links, and you can get them in as little as four days. While there are some risks associated with these services, you’ll receive a high-quality link in the end.


Forums are an excellent way to sell backlinks, but it’s important to be selective. Forum backlinks can help drive traffic to your site and make it more visible. Choosing forums is an excellent way to get links for your site, but you must be careful about spamming. Forums geared towards pets, for example, are not a good place for spammers. Instead, post in-depth answers and only link to resources that make sense.

When using forums to sell backlinks, you should choose a username that is consistent with the message you want to convey to your target audience. Also, make sure that you participate in discussions and add value to the conversation. If you’re new to a forum, introducing yourself is a great way to start. Make sure not to sound spammy or solicitous, as this could put people off.

Besides gaining link traffic, forums are also great for building relationships with other people. You can find like-minded people who are looking for the same type of links as you. In addition, connecting with these forums will help you build brand recognition as well. You can even use signatures to promote your brand. By participating in relevant forums, you will gain access to a targeted audience. You should be sure to follow the forum’s rules and guidelines.

Before posting a link on a forum, make sure that you thoroughly read all posts. You need to be knowledgeable about the topic, so you can display authority and credibility when you talk about it. Otherwise, you’ll just be creating a laughing stock. No one will click on your link if you don’t know your stuff! Invest an hour or two a week into posting on relevant forums.