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If you’re unsure about which SEO packages to purchase for your Local Business Ranking, this is the best option for you. Essentially, we cover all aspects of Off-Page SEO to achieve optimal results.
This is our Top-Quality SEO service that includes more powerful promotion strategies, such as various types of Backlinks, along with numerous Social Likes and Shares. Additionally, we ensure an increase in Organic Website Traffic. This service can be used to Local Business Ranking in Google or Bing.

IMPORTANT: Be very careful, before starting you must read and be sure that you have followed the steps in the following guide: Seo Tips & Tricks, otherwise, the results will be very weak or even non-existent. You also need to be aware that it may take several months to get the desired result.

As you can see this service is very very powerful and involves a lot of work and the allocation of many resources, but in the end, the wait will be rewarded.


  • We will use 8 SEO Backlinks strategies to obtain a diverse range of backlinks through a linking structure of Tier 2 linking to Tier 1, which then links to your website URL.
  • We will also use 1 SEO Backlinks Diversity strategies to obtain a diverse range of backlinks.
  • We will also use 1 SEO secret strategies to obtain a diverse range of backlinks for all your site urls.
  • We will also use Blog Comments Backlinks to obtain an average of 2500 Blog Comments Backlinks (unique domains) that will get indexed by Google very fast. It takes only 24h to Start Indexing, and within weeks, most of the links will be indexed by Google and major SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz…
  • Backlinks will be obtained from Web 2.0 blog posts, Web 2.0 blog profiles, Social Bookmarking sites, Wiki articles, Web Directories, and more.
  • Social likes and shares will be provided for all Tier 1, 2, and 3 links, as well as social signals for faster indexing.
  • Anchor text will consist of 10% of your keywords and 90% generic text such as “Click Here” or “Visit this Site”.
  • We will only accept 1 URL and 1 keyword per package.
  • Delivery time is estimated to be average 30 days.


  • The SEO traffic is designed to help the websites to get an important extra boost in rankings.
  • Your site will get high-quality traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and direct traffic.
  • The SEO traffic also helps in decreasing the bounce rate of your websites, because visitors will visit your website for 8-12 minutes per visit and visit 3-4 pages minimum.
  • The SEO traffic will simulate normal human activities (behaviors) on the site like scrolling the page, moving the mouse over the text (also selecting random text sections) and clicking on up to 3-4 internal links. I want to mention that the traffic is 100% safe for AdSense sites also (it doesn’t click on AdSense banners/links).
  • The SEO traffic simulates the windows/mac operation systems (the simulated browsers are: Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and mobile browsers) and over 50 mobile devices (including tablets), all device resolutions are also simulated.
  • The total daily traffic is about 20-100 daily visits during the whole period of the promotion process, the traffic is detected by google as being created by humans, it is 100% human traffic simulated (very high-quality traffic for website) which is a ranking factor and provides extra boosting in rankings.
  • I want to also mention that the traffic came from real computers and VPS computers, no proxy is used to create the traffic, only real ips.


  • You will receive a “Google Sheet” folder.
  • One file sheet with the SEO Plan to follow.
  • One screenshot with the position in google of all targeted keywords from the beginning of the campaign.
  • At the end of the campaign, you will receive another screenshot of the evolution of the keywords.
  • You will receive a detailed report for backlinks created.

There are numerous case studies demonstrating the importance of regular links from relevant websites in our industry for ranking purposes. However, obtaining such links for local businesses can be more challenging, as local websites typically have low authority, and people are less likely to link back to our site from their own.

In other words, if we’re a roofing company, we’d want high-authority, dofollow links from websites discussing roofing. It’s even better if our website has a page dedicated to roof repairs and there are other sites discussing roof repairs that link back to our specific roof repair page. This is especially valuable if those links are also dofollow and from high-authority sources.

In the realm of local businesses, another crucial factor comes into play: Local Backlinks. This means having local entities backlink to our website. For example, if we’re a local business in New York, having websites with posts about Central Park, Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, etc., backlink to our business can be more valuable than a backlink from Forbes, Huffington Post, or other high-authority sites, as it establishes locality relevance for our website.

Here’s what our team does: We search for “Places of Interest in New York,” for instance, and Google shows me all the places and things to do in New York, which you can see here:

For each Place of Interest, we run a 10 campaign to create backlinks.

We create structured content relevant to each specific Place of Interest and submit it to the blogs. So, for example, there would be blog posts on different domains specifically themed around Central Park.

At each page, there will be a note stating our company URL, Brand…

We can vary the keyword brand variations and domain variations as anchor text, meaning we can link out with different variations of our URL as well as our GMB (Google My Business) URL.

Each time we create a campaign for a Place of Interest, which consists of blog posts, we also build backlinks to those specific Place of Interest links using social bookmarks and relevant city blogs. Additionally, we submit those Place of Interest links, along with all other links, to our proprietary crawling system.

In every order, we develop 10 places of interest over a span of 1 month, so the links are acquired gradually. You can select the Places of Interest you want us to create, but typically, we would start from the top of the list since those are the ones Google displays as the most popular.

Setting this up requires a considerable amount of work, but we believe you can understand the significant benefits it brings in establishing your business’s locality and signaling to Google and Bing that you have Local Backlinks.

However, this new service truly enables the acquisition of effective Local Backlinks for your Local Business.

You can order as many Places of Interest as you want. Typically, there will be 25-50 or more for each city, depending on its population.

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