Why Are My Backlinks Not Showing Up in Search Engine Results?

Why are my backlinks not showing up

One reason why your backlinks may not show up is because they are broken. In such a case, you may see a related page or an error message. In such a case, you should try to fix the broken backlink. You can also try checking your anchor text, on-page SEO, and Ahrefs. However, it is best to check all these things before making any changes to your website.

Anchor text

If your backlinks aren’t showing up in SERPs, you might want to change the distribution of anchor text. Google’s algorithm looks at anchor text to determine topical relevance. By diversifying your anchor text, you can make your backlink profile look more natural.

The first step to solving this problem is to get a backlink from a high-quality website. This will increase your domain authority, improve your page rankings, and increase your traffic. Backlinks are an important part of any SEO strategy. If you don’t get enough backlinks, your website will be ranked lower than it should be.

To check if your links are visible to search engines, you can use a tool like Ahrefs. Ahrefs shows the number of referring domains and linked sites. A broken link will display an error message, while a reputable link will show a related page.

On-page SEO

If your backlinks aren’t showing up on other websites, you might want to try to figure out why. Search engines look at backlinks as votes and trust signals. The more backlinks you have, the higher your page will rank. Getting links from high-quality websites should be part of your SEO strategy.

You can check your backlinks by visiting the Google Search Console. This tool will give you a detailed report about the backlinks to your website. The tool will also let you export the data to a spreadsheet. You’ll be able to see how many pages have linked to you and how many have been deleted or moved.

If you’re not seeing your backlinks in Google, it may be because your page is not indexed. Search engines constantly scan the web for new pages to index. They also index pages to make them available for search. Your backlinks may not be visible instantly, but they will accumulate over time.

To optimize your backlinks, you should create high-quality content and publish it regularly. It is also important to create personalized outreach campaigns and evaluate your competitors’ link profiles. By doing this, you can uncover new opportunities. There are several competitive analysis tools available online that can help you do this.

Link authority is the foundation of organic rankings. Getting backlinks from high-quality websites will help your site rank higher in search results. High-authority websites have a higher domain authority and will send you more traffic than sites that are low-authority. To build quality backlinks, you should link to high-authority websites over time.

Google Search Console

You may be wondering why your backlinks aren’t showing up in the Google Search Console. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the link may be in a domain that is not search engine friendly. This can cause problems because crawlers cannot follow it. Additionally, the URL may be different from the property that is listed in Google Search Console.

You can easily check your backlinks in the Search Console. This tool shows you which pages link to your website. It also shows you the number of links from each domain. Having more backlinks is not a guarantee for good SEO performance. Search engine spiders look for quality and relevancy, not just quantity.

If you have guest posts that contain links to your site, make sure to check if they are indexed. Guest posts often take a while to index. You can try social sharing to help your guest posts index faster. But it’s best to be patient, as it can take several weeks for your guest links to index. Even then, the link may not be indexed. In some cases, you can try re-submitting the link.

If your backlinks are not showing up in the Google Search Console, you may need to optimize your site to make them search engine-friendly. Search engine-friendly text is essential for any business to get the best search engine rankings. The Google Search Console will tell you how many pages have been indexed and which ones haven’t. You can then optimize those pages for better visibility.

Another common reason for your backlinks not showing up in Google is duplicate content. In some cases, this is caused by the lack of quality content. A website with too many duplicate pages might get blacklisted by Google. In this case, the search engine will add a message to the results, which may not result in a click-through. If you are unsure of the exact reason for your website’s non-ranking, it is a good idea to conduct a technical audit to find any errors.

Another common reason your backlinks aren’t showing up in the Google Search Console is that your site is using custom code. You can tell Google not to index specific pages or your entire website by adding the ‘noindex’ tag. Without this code, your pages won’t be indexed by the search engine.


If your Ahrefs backlinks aren’t showing up, you can check out the backlinks of your competitors. You’ll be able to see what pages link to you and to whom, as well as the referring domains for those links. Ahrefs has more data than Google Search Console and enables you to see how many links are coming to your site and what kind of links they are.

Ahrefs’ Advanced Search feature is very powerful, and you can narrow down your results with Boolean Operators. Just like Google, you can also filter your search with filters or define a time range. This allows you to view only the most relevant content from a particular website.

Ahrefs breaks down results by URL, domain, and number of backlinks. You can also view the ranking of the top keywords that have linked to your site. Ahrefs’ ranking is based on a range of factors including backlinks, site traffic, and Anchors.

The Ahrefs keyword data enables you to see what pages rank for your keywords and how well they are ranked in the SERP. This is an excellent way to see which pages are already ranking for similar keywords. In addition, you can see how competitive a keyword is.

If you’re not getting your backlinks to appear in Ahrefs, you can check the backlinks of your competitors using the Ahrefs link intersect tool. It shows you the top domains linking to your competitor and gives you ideas on what types of backlinks to build for your own website.

Ahrefs’ backlink reports can help you analyze the backlink strategy of any website. The Ahrefs Rank reflects how popular a website’s backlinks are in relation to the total number of websites linking to it. In addition to the Ahrefs Rank, the Domain Rating and URL Rating will tell you the strength of a website’s link profile.

Ahrefs also has a site audit tool. Enter the domain you want to analyze. It will crawl the sitemap and check for any noindex tags. If you find one, you can remove it.