SEO Tips and Tricks




  • Buy 1 Google Ranking package for every keyword you want to rank (buy more packages if competition is high) in every month.
  • If your keyword is in a big niche and the competition is high, you can buy more packages for every keyword you want to rank in every month.
  • Do this every month until you get your result. After 3-6 months if you do not receive results you can do outside this plan, buy backlinks for the old Tier 1.
  • If you still don’t understand how is this done, we can make a personalized plan for you (contact us here)


  1. Very important, use unique text content on your website, don’t copy it from somewhere else and add it to your website
  2. It is very important to make sure every page you want to rank has a good on-page SEO score on ⇒
  3. Make sure you check your page for duplicate content using the ⇒
  4. Build backlinks to all URLs (pages) from your site, never build backlinks only to pages you want to rank, that will look not natural in Google eyes, and your site will be penalized.
  5. It is very important that the targeted keywords you want to rank exist in the text on the page (the keyword should exist in the title sentence and on the content page 1-3 times, each page content to be 250-750, more content per page will always help in ranking.
  6. If the niche is high, it is important to find 1-2 pages from your site that are targeting the same keyword and add a link to the page you want to rank and run a backlinks campaign to all those pages, so the power from those pages will be sent to the home page, this will increase the ranking speed a lot.
  7. If the niche is very high there is one more secret used by SEO experts, you can take old “Tier1” URLs made by previous campaigns and power them up with campaigns, this process is named “powering up tier 1” and it provides extra power to previous links made by previous campaigns.
  8. Be very careful, before starting you must be sure that you have followed these steps otherwise, the results will be very weak or even non-existent.


  1. The first rule before starting to make SEO to your site is: “MAKE SURE YOUR SITE HAVE NO DUPLICATE CONTENT”, the duplicate content is the content that is copied from other sites, Google has an algorithm named “Panda” and this algorithm is designed to detect all sites that use copied content and will apply a penalization that in most of the cases will affect 70-99% of website rankings, o this is one of the most important reasons why a website will not rank well, more duplicate content into the site means a bigger penalization, a bigger penalization means the change to rank for your keywords on Google is very limited.
    So, make sure you check your site for duplicate content using the site.
  2. Make sure you will make a backlinks campaign to each of the pages of your website, never build backlinks only to the homepage or only to a couple of pages from your site, that will look “not naturally” in “google eyes”, It is important to run campaigns for URLs (pages) from your site.
  3. Let’s say you start to rank for the keywords “dog food”, double-check that your page is containing the keyword “dog food” in the title of the page and to H1, here is an example of a good title “Dog Food for your lovely dog” (the keyword should exist in the title sentence), and of course double check that the keyword “dog food” will exist to the content page 1-3 times, and make sure it will not exist too many times per page like 6 – 10 times, that will be considered “not naturally” and some penalization will appear if the keyword is used too much into the page content, (each page content to be minimum 250 words and recommended 750 words if possible or more),
    more content per page will always help in ranking.
  4. Make sure you will build a backlinks campaign for your site only from high DA sites with 30+, most of the sites that were using many low-quality links are not ranking on google any more, so there are no reasons to make low-quality links anymore.


  • Promoting a site with backlinks is a long process, respectively 3-6 months or even more if the site is in a niche with high competition.
  • After the backlink promotion process has started, the site starts to move in the Google position, it fluctuates in several positions but slowly it starts to go up in the Google position, advancing more and more towards the page & position 1 in Google.
  • So, it is not enough to buy just a few backlinks and your site will go up on its own. The strategy is to buy monthly backlinks according to an established plan and the site will go up in Google searches, after which you have reached the position you want in Google, you have to keep going to bring backlinks but with a smaller quantity.
  • In conclusion, in the beginning, you have to buy as many backlinks as possible, until you reach the desired result.



  • Buy 4 YouTube Ranking packages for every keyword you want to rank (buy more if competition is high)
  • If your keyword is in a big niche and the competition is high, you can buy more packages for every keyword you want to rank in every month.


  1. Ranking videos in YouTube has a different algorithm than ranking videos in Google because those searching in YouTube have different intentions of those searching in Google.
  2. For ranking at the top of YouTube, you need real people to search for your keyword in YouTube, click on your video instead of a competitors video, watch your video, and interact with it such as commenting, sharing, liking..etc.
  3. The more of this you have, the more authority your channel builds and the more relevant YouTube thinks your video is based on the keyword they are searching so your video gets moved up over your competitors.. it’s as simple as that.


  1. If you have a new YouTube channel, don’t expect to get top rankings for your videos. In fact, YouTube may not rank your first couple videos at all. YouTube has to know that you are a legit channel and provide content that it’s viewers want to watch which is why it’s so important to create quality content.
  2. Don’t expect to outrank another high authority YouTube channel if your channel is relatively new.
  3. This is why we suggest the standard package for new channels. It’s the fastest way to start getting interaction to your videos and channels from real users. The more of this you have, the more authority your channel gets and your videos will all start ranking higher.
  4. This service will provide your channel with enough interaction so that your future videos will start ranking better.
  5. We suggest using the standard package on the first 1-5 videos on your channel then you can order the more powerful services to increase authority and rankings much faster.


  1. Video optimization plays a MASSIVE part in ranking your videos. This is where most people mess up. In fact, proper video optimization may be enough to rank your video at the top of YouTube depending on the competition.
  2. Focus On One Niche/Topic: Make sure your YouTube channel is based around one specific niche/topic so YouTube understands what it’s about. If you mix in several completely different topics in your channel, it confuses YT and it won’t know what your channel is really about. This reduces your channels authority because it’s not focused on one specific topic.
  3. Your Video Title: Include your main keyword (the keyword you want to rank for) at the beginning of your video title. This is a huge ranking factor that can make or break your video rankings. Then add another variation of your keyword at the end of the video title.
  4. Your Video Description: Include your main keyword at the very beginning of your video description. Create a few paragraphs in your video description and add your keyword 2-3 more times. You can get a lot of extra views if you add in variations of your keyword too which will many times rank in YouTube search results.
  5. Your Video Tags: Include your main keyword and variations in your video tags.
  6. Video Thumbnail: Create an eye-catching thumbnail that people will want to click on. YouTube can read the text in thumbnails as well as understand images so try to include your main keyword in your thumbnail.



  • Buy 1 Google Maps Ranking package for every keyword you want to rank (buy more if competition is high)
  • Do this every month until you get your result. If your keyword is in a big niche and the competition is high, you can buy more packages for every keyword you want to rank in every month.
  • We recommend adding new posts to GMB profiles every week or daily if possible.
  • If you still don’t understand how we can make a personalized plan for you (contact us here)

If you own a local business and want to increase visibility and attract more customers, I have some tips that can help you effectively promote your business:

  • Identify relevant local keywords: Research carefully the keywords specific to your geographical area, such as city names, neighborhoods, or other local details important for your business.
  • Optimize your Google My Business page: Ensure that your Google My Business page is complete and up-to-date with correct contact information, operating hours, relevant photos, and authentic reviews. This will increase the visibility of your business in local search results.
  • Obtain relevant local backlinks: Collaborate with local relevant websites, such as local business directories or community blogs, to obtain backlinks. These local links can contribute to increasing the authority and visibility of your business in your geographical area.
  • Create quality, locally specific content: Write articles on your blog or website that address topics relevant to your local community. Share information about local events, visitor recommendations, or news from your area. This quality content will attract attention and generate natural backlinks from other local websites and blogs.
  • Be active on local social media platforms: Engage in local groups or communities on social media. Respond to comments and questions from users and promote your services in an authentic and valuable manner.
  • Request local reviews and recommendations: Encourage your customers to leave reviews and recommendations for your business on platforms such as Google, Yelp, or other local review websites. These positive reviews can influence the decision of other potential customers to choose your business.

Remember that providing quality services and creating an excellent customer experience are essential. Local promotion is not just about SEO but also involves active involvement in your local community and building a strong reputation in your geographical area.

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