How Long Is Google Data Stored?

How long is Google data stored

If you’ve been wondering how long Google stores your data, you’re not alone. The company also shares the reasons it stores data and why you might want to know as well. If you have an account with Google, you can choose whether it should delete your data after three months or not. It’s also possible to change your settings later if you decide you no longer want the data to be stored for that long. [...] 

Can a Website Track Your Location?

Can a website track your location

You may have heard about the Wi-Fi and GPS tracking technologies. These technologies can track your location and determine whether you’re within range of a particular location. Wi-Fi services also work on mobile platforms, and they use the strength of signal to determine your approximate location. If you use a Wi-Fi service, a website can track your location using this information. [...] 

Are Backlinks Necessary?

Are backlinks necessary

If you want your website to rank highly on Google, you need to build quality backlinks. These links should be from high-page-ranking sites. Google uses rankings to provide you with the most relevant search results. The higher the page rank, the better. It is also important to have a high number of backlinks. [...] 

Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the World

What is the most visited website every day


TikTok is one of the most popular websites in the world. According to a recent report by Cloudflare, the video-sharing website now has over 1 billion monthly active users. The website first topped the charts in February 2021 and was Number One during August and September. It also consistently ranked in the top five during the year’s peak shopping season, during Black Friday and Thanksgiving. [...] 

Is SEO Pay-Per-Click?

Is SEO payperclick

SEO and pay-per-click advertising are two different things. One is a one-time process, while the other is an ongoing process. Pay-per-click advertising often reaches the first impression of a customer. The paid ads appear first on the page for search terms that have commercial intent. [...] 

How Much Does Google Analytics Cost?

How much is Google Analytics cost

Google Analytics is an extremely popular marketing tool. However, many businesses are still in the dark about how much it will cost them. This article will discuss the difference between the free and paid versions, as well as the pricing for small and medium businesses. If you’re considering using Google Analytics for your business, read on to learn more. [...] 

How Do I Know If My Website Has Google Analytics?

How do I know if my website has Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool. It can track things like how many times a visitor scrolls down your page or clicks on your links. It also lets you know which search engine got you the most traffic and which referral sources brought you the most traffic. Once you’ve signed up, you can start tracking how many visitors your website has, what they look at on your site, and who they refer to. [...] 

What Are the Keywords in SEO?

What are the keywords in SEO

SEO is a method that uses keywords to build content around the searches people make on Google. Keywords are terms that describe the content and are used to attract visitors. They are also known as search queries. Keywords help you understand the intent behind a search and are crucial to successful SEO. In this article, we will discuss how to find keywords that are relevant to your content. [...] 

What is an Example of a Backlink?

What is an example of a backlink

Relationship-based backlinks

Relationship-based backlinks are links to your website that have been created as a result of a relationship between the two parties. These relationships can include webmasters and journalists, as well as your business or brand. For example, you might sponsor an industry event, or a journalist will mention your product or company in an article. Regardless of how these relationships are created, they are an effective way to improve your backlink profile. [...] 

Do I Need Coding Skills For SEO?

Do I need coding skills for SEO

SEO professionals often need to know a variety of languages and technologies. While many people think that PHP or Python are the most complex and time-consuming languages, other languages are essential for technical SEO. A comprehensive knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential for technical SEO. There are two major types of programming languages: server-side scripting languages and markup languages. The first type, server-side scripting languages, is usually thought of as being the most difficult to learn. [...] 

What is Off Page SEO?

What is off page SEO

Off-page SEO is a branch of SEO that focuses on techniques that take place outside of a website. It helps you build links and domain authority. Several important off-page SEO techniques include using relevant, external domains for linking and creating links within them. These techniques should be done in tandem with on-page SEO. [...] 

What Website Analytics Should I Track?

What website analytics should I track

When it comes to tracking the performance of your website, it is important to track several different metrics. These metrics include conversion rates, Unique visitors, average session duration, and Page load speed. Keeping an eye on these metrics will help you determine the best ways to make improvements on your website. These can help you improve your sales, as well as boost your customer service. [...] 

ScrapeBox As a Merge Tool

What is ScrapeBox used for

Scraping data using ScrapeBox is a powerful and free way to collect website traffic. However, this method can violate website terms of service. For example, Google prohibits the use of third-party software that circumvents its API restrictions. In addition, websites that sell access to APIs don’t want third-party software to scrape their data. Furthermore, scraping uses up a large amount of server resources. On smaller servers, scraping can even eat up all available bandwidth. [...] 

Is Google Analytics Hard to Learn?

Is Google Analytics hard to learn

Google Analytics does not require any prior knowledge and is easy to learn, even for those with no background in analytics. Though background knowledge and technical skills can speed up the learning process, a lack of experience may make attribution a challenge. However, if you have an understanding of statistics, you can easily learn Google Analytics. [...]